Fun Projects Added

I had a little time to make some fun projects.  I like to experiment with different things.  I love to spray paint things because it is always fast and easy to do.  Check out my Fun Projects page!

Kitchen Transformation

Have you ever seen floor tiles on the wall??!!  That is what was going on in this kitchen.  It was a lot of work to pull off all the tiles and then scraping all the glue off!  I had to use a heat gun to get the most stubborn glue off – what a labor of love!

Remove the tiles! Paint it!

But it was worth it!!  I did have to bring in a drywall taper to skim coat the walls.  There was no other way to get them in condition to paint.  The walls are Accessible Beige (Sherwin-Williams) and the cabinets were painted Curio Gray (Sherwin-Williams).  These colors were selected from the HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Coastal Cool color collection.

To see how I used the Coastal Cool collection throughout this renovation click here.

No More Red

For a short video clip of this painting project:  Red to Beach House

This homeowner is selling.  The red was there when they bought the house but now it is gone.

Color changed to Beach House (Sherwin-Williams)

To appeal to more buyer, neutral colors are a good idea.  This is a really nice home.

Color Makes it Cozy

White walls are.. well… white…  Colors make a cozy room.  This bedroom is warmed up with Latte (Sherwin-Williams) on top.

Bedroom in Brooklyn Park

The bottom is Lunar Shadow (Behr).  The deep blue-gray grounds the room.

Lunar Shadow (Behr) on bottom, Latte (Sherwin-Williams) on top.

What a great color combination.


Warming Up the Walls

This homeowner warmed up her white walls with Believable Buff and accented with Camelback.

Walls in Believable Buff (Sherwin-Williams). Fireplace accent in Camelback (Sherwin-Williams).

The fireplace shows a beautiful, subtle darker color with the Camelback color on the front and sides.

Back wall in Camelback. All other walls in Believable Buff.

She also had an accent wall going up the stairs with the subtle change from Believable Buff to Camelback.  Camelback is two shades darker than Believable Buff.  It adds a nice contrast.

New House – New Colors

These homeowners just bought this house.  Before they move in, I am painting all the rooms.

No more pink and tan. Comfort Gray (Sherwin-Williams) in the living room and Montpelier (Benjamin Moore) in the kitchen.

Herbal Scent to Tide Pools

The homeowner went from green to cool, pale blue

Herbal Scent to Tide Pools by Behr

I painted this room with Sherwin-Williams Super Paint in a Behr color.  Any color can be mixed up.  I find Super Paint covers the best of all the paints I have used.