Warming Up the Kitchen

Tired of white, the homeowners wanted to add color.

From builder white to Beach House (Sherwin-Williams)

Beach House (Sherwin-Williams) is the perfect warm neutral to go with the cherry woodwork!


Great Bathroom Update

In this bathroom, I removed the wallpaper, repaired the walls, and painted them.

From Wallpaper to Koi Pond (Sherwin-Williams)

The new color is Koi Pond by Sherwin-Williams.

This repair will protect the wall for years.

It’s always a good idea to repair the shower area to keep mold from growing.

Yummy Bedroom Colors

My favorite flavors are chocolate and peanut butter.  On ice cream, chocolate and Carmel.  Maybe you like chocolate and butterscotch.  No mater which ones of these sound good to you, this bedroom had me dreaming about these flavors while I painted it.

Toasted Almond (right) and Plymouth Brown (left)

This bedroom went from cream to Toasted Almond (Benjamin Moore) with an accent wall of Plymouth Brown (Benjamin Moore) for behind the headboard.  This warms up the walls and makes this cozy.

Awesome Colors for Bedrooms

Color is important for the children’s rooms.

From white to Candid Blue (Sherwin-Williams)

Here are some bright, wonderful changes.

Plum Blossom (Sherwin-Williams) for Girl Power!

What awesome, colorful rooms to live in!

Color Makes a Difference

This family room was white.  Now it is White Raisin (Sherwin Williams)!

White Raisin and Chivalry Copper

The accent color on the back wall is Chivalry Copper (Sherwin-Williams).  This makes all the difference.  It adds warmth and will look great when the cherry wood floor is installed.

Livingroom Warm & Cozy

This living room is warmed up with a change in color.

New paint color Plymouth Brown (Benjamin Moore)

This color highlights the crown molding.   It is a warm, welcoming room.

It’s always fun to see the room with all the furnishings back in it!  This is such a beautiful room!

Beautiful Living Room in Plymouth Brown

Kitchen Update

This homeowner had a yellow kitchen and it was not her style. Now that they have lived in the house for 3 years, it was time to update to a warm neutral.

From Yellow to Bagel (Sherwin Williams).

The pictures make it look like a subtle change but it was a perfect change.  It blended well with the adjacent family room which has browns and copper colors.  Also, the color name, Bagel, fits for a kitchen!