My Parent’s Barn Window

My parents are retired dairy farmers.  They still live on the farm.  My dad asked me to paint the barn windows.

Barn Window

I used a Exterior Wood Primer by Sherwin-Williams to protect the bare wood.  Then I painted the windows with a latex, satin white paint.  I also had to caulk the windows to get them weather tight.  These windows will be good for several years.

Warming Up the Family Room

This room had great flooring but the white walls.

Khaki Shade by Sherwin-Williams.

This room is painted in Khaki Shade by Sherwin-Williams.  Now this room is ready to sit by the fire.

Mudroom Update

Changes to this laundry/ mudroom made it time to paint.

Silver Crest by Benjamin Moore

The new color is Silver Crest by Benjamin Moore.  The paint used was Super Paint by Sherwin-Williams.

Now the room is fresh and clean making doing the laundry more pleasant.

Two Different Rooms?

This bathroom went from bold red to cool blue/gray.

From red to Silver Crest by Benjamin Moore

Now the bathroom is Silver Crest by Benjamin Moore.  It almost looks like it could be two different rooms.  This took two coats of Quick-Dry Primer by Sherwin-Williams and two coats of Super Paint by Sherwin-Williams.  What an amazing transformation!