Corduroy in the Bedroom

Time to calm down the sunny yellow.


The color is Corduroy by Benjamin Moore.  A great color that changes with the light.  Sometimes looks brown, sometimes golden, sometimes a hint of green.  I really liked this one!

Tavern Taupe Around Fireplace

With high vaults, it makes the space more intimate if an earthy color is brought in.


Though it was a light shade of taupe before, Tavern Taupe accents the fireplace walls even more.   The white walls are now Loggia which gives the perfect compliment to the room.

Showroom Floor

Your garage can have that showroom floor look too!


This floor is epoxied with Rustoleum Epoxy Shield Garage Floor and then top coated with Rustoleum Premium Clear Coat for that high gloss finish.  The sprinkles are there just hard to see in the photo because of the glossy shine.  Now the boat will look like it’s on the showroom floor.

Campers Can Be Updated Too

My parents got a different camper.  It needed some updates so my dad removed the carpet and vinyl flooring.

Camper Floor

I installed the new vinyl.  Can you see the splice in the floor where the slide out edge is?  I lined it up to be as invisible as possible when out.

Also a quick update to the backsplash in the kitchen.

Camper Backsplash

A little wallpaper changes the look!  Did you think it was tile?