Campers Can Be Updated Too

My parents got a different camper.  It needed some updates so my dad removed the carpet and vinyl flooring.

Camper Floor

I installed the new vinyl.  Can you see the splice in the floor where the slide out edge is?  I lined it up to be as invisible as possible when out.

Also a quick update to the backsplash in the kitchen.

Camper Backsplash

A little wallpaper changes the look!  Did you think it was tile?

2 responses to “Campers Can Be Updated Too

  1. I am currently in the planning stage of removing all of my carpet in my fifth wheel with a slide very similar to yours.
    Just a few questions of you don’t mind…..
    1. What was the process of taking the carpet out? Of the slide as well?
    Like where did you start? Any certain technique?
    Did you cut the carpet at the edge of the wall or what?
    2. How did you do the seem of the trailer and the slide out?? What exactly did you do the make it hidden to just look like the floor as a whole?


    • We removed all the carpet and pulled out all the staples. You can cut it if you want to make smaller pieces. After we swept the floor clean, I laid the vinyl out on the floor. With the slide out, I laid down the vinyl and matched it up to the one on the floor. The vinyl was the glueless type. I nailed quarter round along all the outside edges. The edge of the slide is covered by 1/2″ so it doesn’t catch when the slide is moving. This makes it look seamless.

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