Refresh a Bathroom Cabinet

To make your bathroom cabinet new in a few simple steps.


First, sand the frame, drawers, and doors.  If you are not changing the color of the stain, a light sanding will do.  If you want to change the stain color you must sand it to the bare wood.

Next, stain the wood.  In this case, the old handles were replaced.  The holes for the old handles were filled and new ones drilled to accommodate the new handles.

Lastly, apply a coat or two of polyurethane.  Once it is dry, put the handles on.  Done!

Bright Orange No More

This very bright orange is happy and fun.  The six year old moving into this bedroom wanted something else.

Bedroom Lavendar

Now it is a beautiful lavender.  I first primed the room one coat with Zinzer’s Fast Primer and then did two coats of Pittsburgh Paint’s Grand Distinction. Sorry, don’t remember the color name.

Spiced White Office

This is the last mauve room in the house.  I have painted a few rooms for the homeowner and it is now mauve free!

Office Spiced White

Spiced White by Conco Paint is the color that the office is now.  I used Sherwin-Williams Super Paint to quickly cover the mauve.  It did a great job in two coats.  Super Paint is paint and primer in one.