Baked Cumin Bedroom

This bedroom is being reclaimed from storage to a place to sleep.
Bedroom Baked Cummin
The new color is Baked Cumin by Benjamin Moore.

From Brown to Maison Blanche

Chocolate brown was too dark for a bathroom without windows.

Bath2 Bath1

The new color is Maison Blanche by Sherwin-Williams.  It made the room feel so much larger.

Garden Spot & Thatch Brown

Boring beige did not make this family room an inviting place to hang out.

Garden Spot

The green is Garden Spot by Sherwin-Williams.

Thatch Brown

The brown is Thatch Brown by Sherwin-Williams.

Now the colors make it cozy and a warm place to hang out.  On a winter night, light the fire and watch a movie!

Totally Tan Master Bedroom

Add some warmth and coziness to a bedroom with a deeper color.

Master Totally Tan

This bedroom is Totally Tan by Sherwin-Williams.  This warm color makes this a great room to sleep in. (After the toilet is installed. HeHee  )