Showroom Floor

Your garage can have that showroom floor look too!


This floor is epoxied with Rustoleum Epoxy Shield Garage Floor and then top coated with Rustoleum Premium Clear Coat for that high gloss finish.  The sprinkles are there just hard to see in the photo because of the glossy shine.  Now the boat will look like it’s on the showroom floor.

Passive Bathroom

What color is best for a bathroom?

The new color is Passive by Sherwin-Williams

This bath was this color when they purchased the home.  It was time to change it.  It is now Passive by Sherwin-Williams.  The paint used was Super Paint also by Sherwin-Williams.

Neutralize to Sell

Painting neutral colors is a must when putting your house on the market.

From Orange to Colony Buff

Theses rooms are now Colony Buff by Sherwin-Williams.

From Primary colors to Colony Buff

Now when buyers look at this home, the bright colors won’t make them run. Note – I loved the bright colors!  They were fun!

Making it Warm

After living with white walls, it was time to warm things up.

Grand Stand and Flatland

The walls were painted Dutch Boy colors Grand Stand and Flatland.

From Dark to Light

These homeowners wanted a light, bright space.

From Tan & Green to Eggwhite

Changing from colors to cream can be done but it takes some work.  To go to a cream or any white color, the walls have to be primed.  I had the primer tinted to the wall color, Eggwhite by Sherwin-Williams.  I used their Quick-Dry Stain Blocking Primer.  Two coats of the primer was used with a 4 hour dry time between coats.

Color is Eggwhite by Sherwin-Wiliams

Next day, I used Super Paint by Sherwin-Williams in Eggwhite.  Super Paint is primer and paint in one.  Two coats of this paint was also applied to get good coverage.

My Parent’s Barn Window

My parents are retired dairy farmers.  They still live on the farm.  My dad asked me to paint the barn windows.

Barn Window

I used a Exterior Wood Primer by Sherwin-Williams to protect the bare wood.  Then I painted the windows with a latex, satin white paint.  I also had to caulk the windows to get them weather tight.  These windows will be good for several years.