Dovetail Livingroom




After: Dovetail by Sherwin-Williams


Mindful Gray and Dovetail

This livingroom has a great cove feature and a beautiful fireplace.

Livingroom Mindful Gray

The band around the room and fireplace wall is in Dovetail.  The rest of the walls are in Mindful Gray.  Both colors are by Sherwin-Williams.


The fireplace was revived with some high heat spray paint in black.

From White to Color

This homeowner was ready to change to color.

live dine

Out with the white, in with Barcelona Beige and Dovetail.  Dovetail is the accent wall that spans both the livingroom and diningroom area.  These colors are from the Sherwin-Williams & HGTV’s Liveable Luxe collection.

Color Change in Livingroom

The khaki color in this room was OK but the new homeowner wanted a change.

After picture paint color is Dovetail

The new color is Dovetail by Sherwin-Williams.  This color made the stone feel more part of the wall because the mortar blended well with the Dovetail color.  It was an excellent choice!

Another view of this room shows how too many colors is not always a good thing.

Dovetail Arch matches Livingroom.

The after picture has a calm, coordinated look with Dovetail painted on the arch.  The dining room is in Universal Khaki.  These two colors go very well together.

Fabulous Family Room

Family room in Dovetail and Barcelona Beige by Sherwin-Williams.

This family room was white and boring.  The bottom half wall and fireplace are painted Dovetail.  The top half is painted Barcelona Beige.  Both colors were selected from the Liveable Luxe Collection by HGTV and Sherwin-Williams.  I tiled the fireplace area in 1″x2″ glass & stone tiles.  The Natural Tan paint color on the mantel brings out the color of the stone.  This will be a cozy place to hang out on a cold winter day!