Stream Plus

This is a gathering area for kids Kindergarten to 5th grade.




After:  Stream is the main color of the walls.


Does this have a Minecraft feel?




After:  Does this look like a tree?

Cruising into Color

A toy room with white walls got a bright idea!

Toy Cruisin

Cruising by Sherwin-Williams is a fun color for kids to play in.  The paint used was Sherwin-Williams’ Harmony.  It covered in 2 coats!

Pick Colors from the Bed

Main Color Cay – Accent Wall in Briny

The wall colors came from the bedding.  These colors are bright and vibrant!  Cay by Sherwin-Williams is a beautiful blue and a few shades darker is Briny.  Fun colors for the grandkids to sleep in!

Neutralize to Sell

Painting neutral colors is a must when putting your house on the market.

From Orange to Colony Buff

Theses rooms are now Colony Buff by Sherwin-Williams.

From Primary colors to Colony Buff

Now when buyers look at this home, the bright colors won’t make them run. Note – I loved the bright colors!  They were fun!

New Rooms for Little Girls

These two rooms were a beige/gold color.  Not the color bedroom for a little girl.

The new color is Lovelight

The first room is painted with Sherwin-Williams Super Paint in a Behr color called Lovelight.

The new color is Indulgent by Sherwin-Williams

The second room is painted Indulgent by Sherwin-Williams.

Both rooms were painted with Sherwin-Williams Super Paint in Flat.  Now they are ready for little girls!

Color in the Bedrooms

These bedrooms got a big change.

Verve Violet by Sherwin-Williams

Sporty Blue by Sherwin-Williams

Verve Violet and Sporty Blue are two great colors.  The White walls are history!

Awesome Colors for Bedrooms

Color is important for the children’s rooms.

From white to Candid Blue (Sherwin-Williams)

Here are some bright, wonderful changes.

Plum Blossom (Sherwin-Williams) for Girl Power!

What awesome, colorful rooms to live in!