Brandy, Wine or Latte

A play on words to describe the paint colors used in this family room.

family brandywine latte

Brandywine by Sherwin-Williams is in the family room with Latte paint color (also by Sherwin-Williams) in the adjacent hall.

Latte and Sundried Tomato

This homeowner wanted a warm color.

Latte with Sundried Tomato accent wall.

Latte with Sundried Tomato accent wall.

She selected Latte by Sherwin-Williams.  The accent wall is a beautiful red called Sundried Tomato.  These colors went perfectly with furniture and rugs!

Color Makes it Cozy

White walls are.. well… white…  Colors make a cozy room.  This bedroom is warmed up with Latte (Sherwin-Williams) on top.

Bedroom in Brooklyn Park

The bottom is Lunar Shadow (Behr).  The deep blue-gray grounds the room.

Lunar Shadow (Behr) on bottom, Latte (Sherwin-Williams) on top.

What a great color combination.