Woman Cave

Ok men, woman can have their own cave’s too!

Unfortunately, this house is going on the market so the Woman Cave colors of purple & lavender had to go.

Woman Cave

The realtor said to paint this room so it is now my two favorite neutrals, Barcelona Beige and Dovetail by Sherwin-Williams.

These are two colors in the Liveable Luxe Collection.


Bright Orange No More

This very bright orange is happy and fun.  The six year old moving into this bedroom wanted something else.

Bedroom Lavendar

Now it is a beautiful lavender.  I first primed the room one coat with Zinzer’s Fast Primer and then did two coats of Pittsburgh Paint’s Grand Distinction. Sorry, don’t remember the color name.

New Rooms for Little Girls

These two rooms were a beige/gold color.  Not the color bedroom for a little girl.

The new color is Lovelight

The first room is painted with Sherwin-Williams Super Paint in a Behr color called Lovelight.

The new color is Indulgent by Sherwin-Williams

The second room is painted Indulgent by Sherwin-Williams.

Both rooms were painted with Sherwin-Williams Super Paint in Flat.  Now they are ready for little girls!