Bedroom in Meadowlark

This bedroom went from sage to brown.

From sage to Meadowlark by Sherwin-Williams

Notice how the Meadowlark color and the wood blend so that neither stand out.  This color also goes well with the fireplace tile.  All the colors are in harmony.

Dried Chamomile & Oolong Tea

Does it sound like I’m cooking instead of painting?  These are the paint color names.

Martha Stewart color Dried Chamomile

This homeowner didn’t like the shades of gray.

Martha Stewart color Oolong Tea

Now the colors are warm and inviting.  A great place to relax and drink tea.

Great Bathroom Update

In this bathroom, I removed the wallpaper, repaired the walls, and painted them.

From Wallpaper to Koi Pond (Sherwin-Williams)

The new color is Koi Pond by Sherwin-Williams.

This repair will protect the wall for years.

It’s always a good idea to repair the shower area to keep mold from growing.