Light Neutral

The walls were white when this homeowner purchased the home.

Family Loggia

Now the walls are a light taupe – Loggia by Sherwin-Williams.  This is a great light neutral color.

Slight Change – Big Difference

This bathroom was a nice taupe color.


But now the tile stands out by painting the walls Granite by Benjamin Moore.  It also brings out the specs of gray in the tile.  This color also gave the bathroom a more contemporary, updated feel.  Beautiful!

Color Change in Livingroom

The khaki color in this room was OK but the new homeowner wanted a change.

After picture paint color is Dovetail

The new color is Dovetail by Sherwin-Williams.  This color made the stone feel more part of the wall because the mortar blended well with the Dovetail color.  It was an excellent choice!

Another view of this room shows how too many colors is not always a good thing.

Dovetail Arch matches Livingroom.

The after picture has a calm, coordinated look with Dovetail painted on the arch.  The dining room is in Universal Khaki.  These two colors go very well together.

Kitchen Update

This homeowner had a yellow kitchen and it was not her style. Now that they have lived in the house for 3 years, it was time to update to a warm neutral.

From Yellow to Bagel (Sherwin Williams).

The pictures make it look like a subtle change but it was a perfect change.  It blended well with the adjacent family room which has browns and copper colors.  Also, the color name, Bagel, fits for a kitchen!

Warming Up the Walls

This homeowner warmed up her white walls with Believable Buff and accented with Camelback.

Walls in Believable Buff (Sherwin-Williams). Fireplace accent in Camelback (Sherwin-Williams).

The fireplace shows a beautiful, subtle darker color with the Camelback color on the front and sides.

Back wall in Camelback. All other walls in Believable Buff.

She also had an accent wall going up the stairs with the subtle change from Believable Buff to Camelback.  Camelback is two shades darker than Believable Buff.  It adds a nice contrast.