Warm Spaces

These colors made a beautiful home warm and cozy.

Dine Maple Glaze Live Dine Cork Maple Glaze

The accent color on the short wall (behind hutch) and the wall across from it help to define the formal living and dining room in such an open space.  The golden color is Cork and the accent color is Maple Glaze both by Behr.  I used Sherwin-Williams paint.

Lighter, Brighter Hallway

This hallway has no windows so the homeowner wanted a lighter color.

Hall Straw Harvest

So after testing a few on the wall, Straw Harvest by Sherwin-Williams was chosen.  It gave the space a brighter feel.

Spiced White Office

This is the last mauve room in the house.  I have painted a few rooms for the homeowner and it is now mauve free!

Office Spiced White

Spiced White by Conco Paint is the color that the office is now.  I used Sherwin-Williams Super Paint to quickly cover the mauve.  It did a great job in two coats.  Super Paint is paint and primer in one.

Giraffe and Monkey

This is the cutest room if you are a little girl.


The new owner’s young adult son isn’t liking it.  Can you blame him…

The new color is Windfresh White by Sherwin-Williams.  Now it is clean and bright and ready for an adult.

Windfresh White Kitchen

To freshen up this new home, the new owner wanted the kitchen painted.


Now it is Windfresh White by Sherwin-Williams.  This white is a cool color.  It has a hint of gray & taupe depending on the lighting.  It is really fresh and ready for the new owner!