Rocksolid Gray Garage Floor

I have a couple jobs coming up to do garage floors so I tried the Rocksolid product out by Rustoleum on my garage floor.

Rocksolid Gray Garage

I had an epoxy coating on my floor for four years which, being in Minnesota, has come off from the road salt.  I used a wire brush wheel to remove the loose epoxy.  That worked for the most part.  I didn’t get the coverage I would have liked.  In hind site, I wish I would have redone it with the epoxy coating again because that is what was on there.  I will post the other garage floors.  I believe the results will be better because those floors do not have any other coatings on them nor are the 20 years old.

For those of you who are white wall garage people, my walls are Sea Salt on the top half and Gray Screen on the bottom.  Adding color to your garage is like adding seasonings to your food!