Mudroom Update

This is my mudroom.  It  has a lot going on.  I have cats & dogs with stuff.  I have kids & a husband that also use this room.

I was tired of the colors and it wasn’t functioning well.  I removed the molding.  I added this cabinet which has its own story on my Fun Projects page.

New colors are Hearts of Palm and Kaffee by Sherwin-Williams

Now it is updated and functional.  I used the color blocking idea that is popular in art right now and applied it to this room.  The Hearts of Palm color by Sherwin-Williams (upper half ) is too light to hide the dirt my dogs get on the walls so I painted the bottom Kaffee by Sherwin-Williams.   I used a level and pencil to mark a line around the room.  Then I used Frog Tape to get that crisp line.

Yummy Bedroom Colors

My favorite flavors are chocolate and peanut butter.  On ice cream, chocolate and Carmel.  Maybe you like chocolate and butterscotch.  No mater which ones of these sound good to you, this bedroom had me dreaming about these flavors while I painted it.

Toasted Almond (right) and Plymouth Brown (left)

This bedroom went from cream to Toasted Almond (Benjamin Moore) with an accent wall of Plymouth Brown (Benjamin Moore) for behind the headboard.  This warms up the walls and makes this cozy.

Livingroom Warm & Cozy

This living room is warmed up with a change in color.

New paint color Plymouth Brown (Benjamin Moore)

This color highlights the crown molding.   It is a warm, welcoming room.

It’s always fun to see the room with all the furnishings back in it!  This is such a beautiful room!

Beautiful Living Room in Plymouth Brown